Westchester's Astorino Blasts Trump, Telling Him To 'End Circus Stuff'

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Donald Trump has been openly critical of Robert Astorino's chances against Gov. Andrew Cuomo in an election.
Donald Trump has been openly critical of Robert Astorino's chances against Gov. Andrew Cuomo in an election. Photo Credit: File
Robert Astorino called on Donald Trump to make up his mind about running for Governor.
Robert Astorino called on Donald Trump to make up his mind about running for Governor. Photo Credit: File

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino called on billionaire Donald Trump to put an end to the media shenanigans and decide whether or not he intends to run for governor, according to wgrz.com. 

Astorino's comment was prompted by a Tweet by Trump that said "Internal polling shows that I would swamp @RobAstorino  in a NY Republican primary 77% to 23%. But won’t run if party is not unified," wgrz.com reported. 

Astorino laughed at Trump's most recent claim going as far as calling it "circus stuff" and said his poll shows the County Executive as the clear-cut favorite, wgrz.com said.

This marks the second time Trump has taken to Twitter to fire a salvo at Astorino. On December 20, Trump tweeted: "I like Rob Astorino. He's a friend and a really good guy. Sadly, he has ZERO chance of beating Cuomo and the 2 to 1 Dems for governor!,"

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Comments (23)

Trump has to land more right jabs and political haymakers. He has to belly up to the bar and belt them down with the best of them. No more apprentice baloney. This is Shark Tank.

Wake me when Astorino has the stones to admit he is a candidate for Governor instead of dodging the question since November the day after he was reelected...

Out of his very own mouth, Astorino said he would make his decision in March.

As this is the 22nd day of February (not March, in case you can't figure that out by yourself) just which part of his statement, about when he would announce his plans for the future, don't you get?


the best govenor is the governor who governs least. Cuomo has added more laws, rules and regulations on ny than you realize. i feel that when government leaves the people alone to trade and deal in commercial enterprise more people prosper. in this digital age everything we do in business will have a digital record which can be monitored by the government. regulations and permits only stifle business and in these times we need more free trade within our borders. astorino has been a relief from the cronyism of the spano years, remember jeanine pirro and her husband the tax cheat. astorino has made a good county executive and i think he would make a good governor. Astorino for governor.

we all saw how the "hands off" or "Governing the least" approach worked out with George W Bush. not very well. Not very well at all. and just another point. Astorino has 0% chance of winning. absolutely none

Oh yeah, GreenburghDad, and we're all watching the brilliant results over the last five years, of our activist President, Barry Obummer!

I know, I know; "It's Bush's fault".

yeah, the results of Obamas tenure, lets see, deficit cut in half, dow up 7000 points, jobless rate dropped from 7.9 to 6.7 %, affordable health care available to 3 million more Americans, shall I go on? there is a much longer list. and yes, the defict is still Bushes fault, he is the one who created it, electing a new prsident doesn't automatically make it HIS fault, two unfunded wars, tax cuts for the rich, borrowing from social security, thats what Bush did, and thats the problems we are facing today, Obama has handled them well. Hilary will handle them better

I'll add a few more, collected "Bailout monies " with intrest
Toppled Ghadafi
FINALLY got Osama bin Laden
Saved the Auto Industry
Smaller Government
Repealed Don't Ask Don't Tell
Icreased Womens Veterans Benefits
No Tax Dollars Spent on BP Cleanup. had them held accountable
Ended Iraq War
United The World against Iran
Increased War veterans Benefits
Saved the world from Global Financial Collapse after bush ruined and spent a surplus we had
Wall street Reform

@GreenburghDad - you are a great propagandist for the Left. You would make Josef Goebbels very proud.
Much of what you've written is not true, only propaganda disseminated from the Obama Administration. I won't even get into most of the "untruths" you've mentioned, because they are quite obvious.
But there are a few which must be pointed out - "Ended Iraq War" - the war is still ongoing with more than 50,000 troops in Iraq.
"Wall Street Reform" - what good are laws and mandates if they're not enforced?
"Smaller Government" - the Federal government is larger than ever, prying more and more into the lives of private citizens.
"Collected Bailout Monies" - very little of it has been collected, and none with interest.
I'd have some respect for Obama if he would act upon the true perpetrators of the economic disaster, the Wall Street Bankers (Blankfein, Soros, Dimon, Buffett, et al), but he won't do anything about it, because they OWN him. When Obama's years as President are told in a Hollywood movie, it will be titled "Eight Years a Slave - to the Wall Street Bankers".

You're delusional, and I'm enjoying it.

the republican party is dieing and you are in denial. who are your parties front runners? Bachman, Cruz, Rubio, Boehner, McConnell, perhaps Scott Walker or (chuckle, chuckle), Chris Christie (Bwahahahaha)? all right wing extremist radicals and none have even a slight chance at the white house. or should we go down the Palin road again, that would make for some enjoyable comedic material. what are you going to do when even the most deep rooted republican house and senate seats fall to the Dems this year? Grip you bible and gun and hold them close to your heart as you cry to the moon that your country is falling apart. haha and we will all progress and move forward...and your ideology will just blind you to the facts, as it does right now, you can make up your own statistics and repeat whatever you hear on Faux news like a sheep....bahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Like I said, you're delusional. But now, at least the bitterness that's at the core of your politics is revealed. (btw, no such word as "dieing". Might you have been reaching for "dying"?)

And anyway, wasn't this supposed to be the great progressive experiment with the first out-of-the-closet Leftist as an American president?

More young people UNDER 30 live with their parents than ever before in American history. (Thanks for that great economic stimulus package, Barry)

"If you like your Health Insurance, you can keep your Health Insurance. Period."

"If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. Period."

President Barack Hussein Obama

The Washington Post "Lie of The Year".…. Congratulations.

thanks for pointing out spell check doesn't always work the way you want. anyway, we will see in the coming elections, just as we did with the last round

they should eliminate county Government all together, it's completely pointless, is full of redundant, 6 figure paying positions covered already by state and local governments. Many other states have eliminated county government with great success and were able to lower property taxes at the same time. Westchester's BIGGEST problem is it's outrageous, unsustainable property taxes

didnt you just say the best government is the government that governs least is a joke and now you want to eliminate county gov't. your views are just as over zealous as those on the right.

I"m not right or left. I"m logic and Reason. Why does smaller government JUST have to be a right wing point of view. Mass has eliminated county Gov with great success, a Highly Democratic Stronghold. The federal Government has also decreased in size since Obama took office, that may be a fact for some right wingers to believe, but a fact is a fact

Hey Dad you better look in your own town if you want to complain about high taxes. Astorino's four years in office did not equal one year of Greenburgh's increases. Thank you Paul Feiner

i did Look in my own town, and no, taxes have not been increased, thanks to Paul Feiner and and Cuomos tax cap. The problem is, The Taxes are already too high, it doesn't cost this much to run Goverment and schools. Taxes need to be LOWERED to be comparable to surrounding areas and part of the reason surrounding areas taxes are lower, is because they have eliminated county Government

The same way Cuomo resigned his position as Attorney General while he ran for Governor?

The same way Obama resigned as Senator while he spent TWO YEARS running for the Presidency?

You wacked out Libs are consistent in your hypocrisy, I'll give you that.

Let's not forget about Obama's last two years of his first term, during which he spent at least half the time campaigning for re-election.

Since Astorino is probably going to spend his entire focus and probably most of his time politicking, electioneering and money raising he should be fair to the people of Westchester who elected him to do a job which he most likely will not be doing, to resign his County Supervisor position so that someone else can do the peoples' work.

do you read the daily voice? theres an article today how astorino proposed funding for flood control in westchester. he can do his job as county exec as well as run for governor. ASTORINO IN 2014 FOR GOVERNOR.

Are you a paid shill for the Democrat Party?