Heroin Found In Hudson Valley Elementary School Bathroom

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WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- Heroin continues to be a problem throughout Westchester County and the Hudson Valley.

The latest incident occurred after the drug was found inside the faculty bathroom of an elementary school in Sullivan County, according to multiple reports. 

Needles and empty bags were discovered for the second time since December in Benjamin Cosor Elementary School in the Town of Fallsburg, just over the Orange County border, News 12 Westchester reported. 

There are six staffers who are currently under investigation. Faculty members have hired attorneys and stopped cooperating with police, News 12 Westchester said.

WABC-7 reports the staffers have declined to submit to urine tests under advice of the teachers union.

A letter to parents from the school district addressing that matter has prompted shockwaves among parents, WABC-7 reports.

You can watch the WABC-7 report here.

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Comments (4)

How about the school tests ALL the staff for heroin use and you go from there. If they refuse to be tested they should be terminated. Why is this different from a DUI refusal- where you are guilty upon refusal to cooperate? We are talking about the people that we trust our children with every day for eight hours. If the unions advise against the testing -then my opinion of them just went down again- which I didn't think was possible. This is like letting the fox guard the hen house.

Terrifying. At an elementary school!!!!

If a drug dealer was suspected of selling or a user videoed using in the parking lot or street in front of the school, they would be locked up and urine tested on the spot. Shameful for the union and/or union attorneys looking out for those being investigated in such an environment. In a public school, can they have such power to abuse in the name of personal privacy?

A lot of OD's going on, might just save a life to get outed. Those that refused to be tested should be immediately suspended.

First of all ask any of the kids in the building and they will tell you exactally who the dope fiend is. The administration failed in their duty and responsibility to get to the bottom of this matter in an expedited and transparent manner. The welfare of the children now known to be at risk must come first. Many of us Parents in the community are irrate because we did not know about this breach for two and a half months.

The teachers union has advised against urine testing in this case. You think that they would want these teachers proven innocent, but no. They would rather have unaccounted for bags of heroin in the elementary school toilet than address finding the source. Are you freaking kidding me? Shame on them - again.