Pleasantville Changes On-Street Parking Laws

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This map represents the new parking laws on Lake Street in Pleasantville. The red line represents where on-street parking will be eliminated at all times. Photo Credit: Robert Michelin
This map represents the new parking laws on Parkway Terrace in Pleasantville. The red line represents where parking will be eliminated at all times. The blue line represents where parking will be eliminated from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. Photo Credit: Robert Michelin

PLEASANTVILLE, N.Y. – The village of Pleasantville's Board of Trustees voted Monday evening to restrict street parking in the residential areas of Lake Street and Parkway Terrace.

Village Administrator Patricia Dwyer said the decision to prohibit parking on Lake Street just beyond the road's intersection with Broadway, where cars and construction vehicles frequently park, was made because there is no area on the street for cars to park. Residents frequently use the grass alongside the road and the frequent parking has caused erosion to the grass, which in turn causes flooding during storms.

"There's no shoulder there alongside the road," Dwyer said. "So we never even thought of regulating the parking there, but then people started parking up on the grass, which they can't do."

The local law prohibits parking at all times for 1,100 feet from the intersection of Broadway.

Notably, what Pleasantville is trying to prevent on Lake Street, will be encouraged on Parkway Terrace. The village recently changed Parkway Terrace to a one-way street after eliminating the street's entrance ramp to the Saw Mill River Parkway South. On Monday evening, the Board of Trustees voted to eliminate on-street parking on the south street portion of the street.  Dwyer said residents living on that side of the street will only be allowed to park on that side if they are pulled fully off the road and onto the adjacent grass.

"The street is too narrow for on-street parking with the new sidewalk on the opposite side," Dwyer said. "So if residents wish to park there, they need to pull their car off the road completely."

Dwyer said the new law will also allow parking on the opposite side of Parkway next to the sidewalk, but it will be restricted from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. in order to prevent residents from parking there around the clock.

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Would have been helpful if article mentioned what provisions are being made for additional parking for the pool. Doesn't make sense not to address where the displaced cars can go now. Expanding the lot across from the pool would be helpful.

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