Man Convicted In High-Speed Saw Mill Crash That Killed Two

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Mount Vernon resident Kenyatta Garner has been convicted of criminally negligent homicide in connection with a 2012 car crash that killed two people. Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Westchester County District Attorney

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- A Mount Vernon man was convicted on two counts each of criminally negligent homicide and third-degree assault after a July 2012 car crash on the Saw Mill Parkway that killed two passengers and injured two others, according to Westchester County District Attorney Janet DiFiore.

Kenyatta Garner was driving a black 2010 Mercedes Benz, at an excessive rate of speed, southbound on the Saw Mill River Parkway with four other passengers in the car On July 8, 2012, at approximately 12:15 p.m., according to the district attorney.

As he approached a curve near an entrance ramp, he veered into another lane and slammed into the rear of a Honda that was also traveling southbound on the parkway. The Mercedes struck a concrete barrier and flipped several times before coming to rest over 500 feet away from the point of impact.

Two of the rear-seat passengers were ejected from the vehicle and died that day.

The other rear-seat passenger was transported to Jacobi Hospital where she was initially listed in critical condition and remained in the hospital for approximately two weeks.

The front-seat passenger was also transported to Jacobi Hospital and treated for her injuries.

Garner was taken to Jacobi Hospital as well, where he remained for several weeks having reportedly suffered broken bones and other internal injuries.

Following the incident, authorities learned that the Mercedes was taken from a parking garage in Manhattan without the owner’s knowledge or consent. There was no connection between the owner of the car, Garner or the passengers and no charges were pressed for taking the car.

Garner faces a maximum sentence of four years in state prison. He will be sentenced on May 20.

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Comments (7)


Steals a highend car.... kills a few people.... and maybe he might get a max of 4 years??? wow. what a justice system.


and the piece of sh** lives on to commit more crimes and murder... I SAY "GO BACK" to your third world

Activist Bill:

He won't be sentenced to the max of four years, I guarantee it. At most, he'll be sentenced to 3 months and a slap on the wrist with the admonishment to "don't do it again".


Four years, and no charges for stealing the car? Huh?


4 years ?..


I well remember this incident. On a Sunday at lunchtime. I live not too far away and I remember hearing all the sirens. I told my wife, "Uh-oh something happened."

Witnesses said Garner floored it when he topped the hill on the SMP going south past the Palmer Road exit. I almost always think about this accident when I come down that hill.


Four years - typical...

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