Family Of Missing Westchester Man Seeks Help From President Obama

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Harry Devert's wants the president to bring up the man's disappearance during a Wednesday meeting with Mexico's president.
Harry Devert's wants the president to bring up the man's disappearance during a Wednesday meeting with Mexico's president. Photo Credit: Filed

PELHAM, N.Y. -- The family of missing Pelham native Harry Devert has reached out to President Barack Obama for aid in the search.

According to a report on CNN, Obama is visiting Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto on Wednesday, Feb. 19, in Toluca, Mexico -- 45 minutes from Morella, Michaocan, where Devert was last seen before the 1999 Pelham High School graduate's disappearance three weeks ago.

"We want him to look into this case and help us out," said family spokeswoman Jackie Burrell.

The family has filed a formal petition via the White House website, which needs 100,000 signatures to be reviewed by the Obama administration. Thus far, it has received approximately 1,500. 

According to Burrell, though little has been uncovered in the case, emails and information on the search group's Facebook page have led them to believe Harry was kidnapped.

"We're pretty positive that is the case," she said.

As the month mark of Devert's Jan. 25 disappearance edges nearer, Burrell said his mother, New Rochelle resident Ann Devert, is in poor mental condition.

"She is devastated, as any mother would be. We're trying to feed her and make sure she rests. We're all trying to help her get through this," she said.

A fund-raising page has been set up for the search for Harry via It has raised approximately $4,500. Burrell would not say how the funds would be used. 

Read the full report by CNN here.

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Comments (6)

Obama? For help? I'd try Officer Joe Bolton, you might have more luck. Obama for help. That's a good one.

Harry Devert ignored the U.S. State Dept.'s warning to stay out of Mexico, and now it appears he ran into some kind of trouble. I can't feel sorry for him, but I do feel sorry for his family, for the anguish he's putting them through.
As for President Obama helping the family find their Harry, forget about it.

@thruth, do you know that this is right where Ixstapa is in Mexico? Do you know that we still advertise great vacation spot, right where this is. The fierce fighting started after Harry left. Please do not refer to Harry as a Moran!!!!!

What's a "Moran?" Was Harry involved in the Mexican Moran Cartel?

Feel bad for the family but what kind of a moron goes into a drug infested country and continues on after getting a police escort out of one area...

Yeah good luck with that. Obama didn't help the marine who was stuck in a Mexico jail. Obama could care less about anyone except himself.