Quiz: Test Your Knowledge Of Pleasantville's History

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The Jacob Burns Film Center kept its facade similar facade to the previous business in the same location. Photo Credit: Mike Esposito

PLEASANTVILLE, N.Y. - Are you a longtime resident of Pleasantville? How well do you know the town's history?

The Pleasantville Daily Voice has devised this short quiz to test your knowledge on a variety of historical topics related to Pleasantville. Post your answers in the comments section below and we'll unveil the correct responses later in the week.

  1. Foley's Club Lounge is named after what Pleasantville High School basketball standout? He purchased the lounge in 1950.
  2. What year did the Reader's Digest move out of Pleasantville?
  3. Which millionaire made most of his money from being a McDonald's franchisee and also calls Pleasantville his hometown?
  4. Pleasantville was officially chosen as the name of the village in what year?
  5. Sunset Hall, a former popular landmark in Pleasantville, was demolished in what year?
  6. What business closed its doors in 1985 before reopening 15 years later as the Jacob Burns Film Center?
  7. The present day Village Hall was previously known as what building?
  8. Memorial Plaza was officially dedicated in what year?
  9. The Pleasantville Pioneer Engine Company, known today as the Pleasantville Volunteer Fire Department, was formed in what year?
  10. Which Pleasantville church was torn down and rebuilt in 1985 for a much larger house of worship?

Good luck!

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